My purpose for this blog is simply to allow those searching for truth in spiritual matters to find a nugget of wisdom as told through my own personal life experience. I have challenged my faith for years in order to come to these truths. I have wrestled with many religious teachings and I have found that Jesus is the cornerstone to understanding the deepest complexities of life. There are a million different worldviews and although many of them contain small pieces of truth, the teachings of Jesus, who He is and the message of the Bible intertwines all of the pieces together perfectly in perspective for us to see the clearest picture of what it means to be alive and to be human. Please, walk with me through my thoughts and understanding to see what I see, and hopefully gain insight. God has personally spoken to ME in the way that I needed to hear Him and He may speak to you differently.  But always seek. Don’t ever stop. Even if you have an inkling of an urge to understand life, God, Jesus and our purpose… if you are just looking for answers, keep questioning! I can guarantee that there ARE answers. Truth does exist and it is available to those who look for it.