Labels that DON’T stick

Christian. Woman. American. Sex. Human. Love. Labels…. They have the ability to either enable understanding or confine broad abstract concepts into little teeny tiny boxes that can actually prohibit true understanding. Depending on our own experiences, perception, etc…. one can associate those words with a variety of concepts from confining to freeing and from flawed to perfection. The … More Labels that DON’T stick

Reality vs. Perception

“An unrealistic perception can completely distort reality.” In the last few years, I have undergone a significant transformation and I have analyzed my experiences over and over again to understand what exactly has happened. What has changed and why? One of the most intriguing insights I have come to understand is how important perception is. … More Reality vs. Perception

Badge of Honor

I’m looking in the mirror and I analyze the face of this 29 year old girl staring back at me. I realize, she is no longer a girl, but a woman. The crows feet that are beginning to form at the edges of her eyes indicate the years of laughter and smiles she has adorn. … More Badge of Honor