Morality, huh… what is it good for?

Richard Dawkins, a well known atheist, says “Science is reliable because it works.” And he’s right in many ways. But as an atheist, he deems religion as unreliable because there’s no “proof.” His evidence against God is a flimsy argument that “evil” has been committed in the name of religion. But to an atheist, there can be no good or evil to define. His argument falls apart at his assumption that there is no distinction between the two. Because in order for humans to follow some sort of moral law or moral code, we must draw the logical conclusion that there is a moral law Giver. Good and evil do not just arbitrarily float around in thin air. They are distinct. They are true. They are real. And yes, we can know evil when we see it. Sometimes the line begins to blur in certain situations, but there is a line, none- the-less, that at some point if we have pushed hard enough, we are clearly on one side or another. Otherwise, morality is all subjective, meaning no one person can decide that what another person does is wrong. Although it may be wrong for me, unless I’ve walked in that person’s shoes, I can’t say for sure that what they did was truly bad or evil. This line of thinking breaks down immediately when we mention rape, child molestation, sex trafficking, genocide, racism, sexism, ageism, terrorism… we immediately cannot justify the brutality. We cannot imagine a scenario where these things are ever okay. And that is logical. That’s natural. That’s our human conscience speaking loud and clear, yelling at us that good and evil absolutely exist! There is a line. And in some situations, we’re faced with the reality of subjective morality. Because at the individual level, as unique as we are in our personalities, we are equally as unique in our vices. One person’s hang up may not be another’s. Some people can have an occasional cocktail, while others pound them down until they black out. Not naming any names…. eh hem… lol. Why is it ok for some people to kill in self-defense, while murder is deemed sin? There are differences in motive, heart and intent. That ultimately is the seat of moral judgement. Inside each and every individual. But that’s a whole other topic. But the fact that we all have a moral compass (generally speaking as a human truth, although there are certainly exceptions), is evidence that we must be created. And we have been granted the ability to know right from wrong. Animals do not have this ability to the depth or degree that humans do.

And as many atheists choose to close their eyes, I see evidence that I simply cannot ignore, pointing straight to an almighty Creator.

There is absolutely a difference between a scientific mind that measures the natural world and a spiritual heart seeking to UNDERSTAND the natural world. The reason natural and holistic remedies are such a huge trend today is because more and more people are waking up to realize that there is a very intricate, unique connection between humans and the natural world that we are missing out on due to modern civilisation. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for toilets and the Industrial Revolution. I haven’t started hugging trees THAT hard yet. But so many of us are craving a connection to nature. We feel it in the wind. We see it in the sunset. We know truth with each whisper the waves on the sea cry to us from our tin can civilization. We know there is an internal stirring inside that is symbiotic with even the smallest microorganisms. We have a special relationship with the Earth. Even amidst the technology age, we are still pondering the most basic of life’s questions… scientists are holding onto the technical to measure the beautiful. Beauty can’t be measured. I can write the most technically perfect piece of music on paper, but until I have heard it played, and the notes dance off the drums of my ears, I will never know the beauty of music. Some things in life cannot be measured. Love is one of them. We can see evidence of love played out through people. But we can’t touch it. So if God is love, doesn’t it make sense then that we would see Him manifested through people. Good people. How can we measure God? How can we deny His existence due to lack of what’s seen? We don’t deny gravity, radio-frequency, magnetism or whatever the hell it is that is keeping atoms together. We measure the evidence. We weigh the evidence that points to the very thing we can’t see.

The economy is a vastly complex system of many, many parts working togther. So complex, economists still don’t completely understand all of the potential consequences of financial policy. They have theories, ideas, ways to determine and interpret desired results. But its still not fool proof or figured out. Some may say it takes a certain amount of faith to believe that there is such thing as sound fiscal policy. Lol… There are so many variables and trade offs that once we start tinkering with one element within the economy, it sets off a whole chain reaction of events that sometimes have unforeseen consequences. My point is that even with all the science and mathematics that helps us understand economics, there is still a reasonable amount of uncertainty. Science is not fool-proof. Medicine has been wrong. Technology has failed. And I am FOR all of those things. But to say that I believe in science because it works and to imply that Religion cannot be proven is like trying to measure the beauty of a rainbow with a hammer. Wrong tool. Wrong purpose. If God wanted to show himself, he would. There’s a reason he’s hidden himself from us. And to say He doesn’t exist is arrogance. As a rich man who has never experienced hardship, who has had every opportunity given to him, he can afford to sit in his luxurious home, wanting for nothing and deem God untrue. But for the millions suffering in this world, who cling to the hope and truth, not only of Gods existence, but of his undying love and affection for us, they have hope. They have purpose. They have truth. They have something deeper, that can never be measured. Not by science. Not by philosophy. Not by religion. Faith cannot be measured. But it can be seen. It can be felt. It can be known. And most importantly… it can be experienced. God wants to be known. He wants his love to be experienced. Not poked and prodded with instruments and tools. Not judged, scorned or ridiculed. But humbly accepted. Loved. As a father to His children, He wants to know YOU…..

And so we converge back to the TRUTH that good and evil exist. Which leads us to the logical conclusion that a moral law must exist. And if that’s so, there must be a moral law GIVER. Atheists believe there is no God, so good and evil is merely subjective, and therefore neither can truly, objectively exist. I don’t know about you, but using my brain cells, logic and reasoning… the former trumps the latter. But that’s just me…


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