I don’t need God… until I do. 

​The bible was written by the average men of their day for the average person to read and understand. It was written by and for grieving hearts,  suffering from real life atrocities.  Rulers who tortured entire cities,  starving people who were left to eat their dying children, genocide,  slavery,  crucifixion, imprisonment,  adultery, conspiracy, murder, bigotry, abandonment…. life has NEVER been simple or easy.  We like to look at the past with nostalgia and a false understanding of life before America. There were kings,  rulers, Caesars, emperors… they were the law and you were subject to them.  You hoped and prayed for a good ruler in fear for what your future could look like under the oppression of a bad one.  Life was never easy.  But in the 21st century,  it sure is comfortable.  And we forget about the pain our ancestors have endured to drag our whiney, spoiled asses up the family tree while we complain about bumping our heads on the branches. Life is better than it ever has been. Most every home in America has indoor plumbing! That’s a miracle in its own right. Electricity,  machines, computers… we don’t even have to think for ourselves anymore,  Google does it for us! So why do I need God? I have no use for God when life is ok,  I’m a good person and I’m not struggling with any issues.  I have all the time in the world to criticize those ignorant people who still believe in fairy tales because,  hello! Haven’t they ever read a science book or learned about evolution? I mean,  clearly science has discovered all of the answers to our philosophically deep, loaded, and hard questions… like how we got here. But then they have a theory,  which isn’t completely accepted as truth yet by the scientific community,  so I guess there’s that.  Plus,  the evidence continues to contradict itself.  But I mean,  hey… it’s science.  It’s a science.  It’s fact.  Evidence based.  No biases,  at all,  ever.  Only measure the observable.  As long as there is something observable to measure. If it’s not observable,  it doesn’t exist.  Like love, thoughts, emotions, and God. 

Maybe pain is necessary.  Maybe we NEED to suffer as a species.  Dare I say, pain is the umbilical cord that connects us to God,  it’s our lifeline.  When life is easy,  we have too much time to think.  We think about all the reasons why we don’t need God.  But that woman in South America who just lost her baby to an infection that could’ve been cured with antibiotics…. she groans in pain,  screaming out to God. She doesn’t have time to doubt God,  she knows she needs him.  And those Christians being burned alive in the Middle East, they need God too. And the father who just lost his job and doesn’t know where the next paycheck is going to come from… he needs God now to help him provide. The teenager who just found out he has Leukemia, he needs God to cure him.    See…. people are prideful in their comfort.  They forget who they are,  why they’re here and where they’re going.  Most don’t even know and have never even asked the questions.  It’s so easy to sit on a throne and judge the peasants…. until you become one.  Brokenness begets humility.  Humility acknowledges a need for God.  If you haven’t discovered your need for God yet,  you probably haven’t been broken or you haven’t been humbled, holding onto pride like a crutch. God has been with every culture, on every continent, in every time period since the beginning of human civilization. It’s only until the 1800’s did man become so comfortable,  so arrogant that he has found the cure for God…science.  So now,  man is smarter… man can control it all,  know it all and do it all.  Yeah,  I guess we don’t need God.  But then again, pride ALWAYS comes before the fall…. it’s only a matter of time until we fall.  I’m curious to know how atheists suggest we get back up then. 

This is what suffering looks like to the persecuted church in Eritrea. Courtesy of worldhelp.net.


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