“Painting with the Sun”



6 thoughts on ““Painting with the Sun”

  1. I lived in Floral Park more or less for the first…25 years of my life. Then bought a house in Farmingdale, not too far from the biking/walking trail near the Massapequa preserve. I generally visit once a year to visit family and to do the things I did as a kid with my son. I miss NY sooo much.

    That means your a friend for life! 🙂

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    1. Wow, that’s so funny! I graduated from Freeport, my husband’s family is in Massapequa so we’re there all the time. We live in PA now, but we visit a lot. I can’t say I feel the same…. I love parts of NY but definitely don’t miss it. Lol
      I know that preserve area pretty well, we used to go quadding the during snow storms. That’s cool that you’re sharing those memories with your son now… it’s so much fun to show them parts of your childhood isn’t it?


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