The World is your Playground

Every morning I wake up and one of the first things I do is just thank God that I have been given another day, another moment in this human body to experience the profound joys that each day brings. I used to wonder what the point of life was. Now, I realize that to ponder such a concept that there even is a point means that I have already, completely missed it! Life is all about experience, our interaction with the world, the world’s interaction with us and what we do with it. If you look at it from a scientific standpoint, we are all part of a system. A system is basically a bunch of parts that function together to make up a whole. Which also means that we are all connected, in some way, shape or form. So, what’s more than just our experience with the world is what we actually DO with these experiences, and through FAITH, what we create with our actions. We could have been given the worst of experiences as a child, but as an adult, what do we choose to do with the memories, the pre-programming of our minds, and the condition of our hearts? Do we allow these negative experiences to continue to control us? Or have we been designed in such a way that we have complete access to our core, our spirit, our minds, our egos, our psyches, and everything else, so that through FAITH, we can not only choose to overcome those negative experiences, but CONQUER them to live a life that enables us to thrive?! We are not BOUND, like slaves, to who we began this life as. God gives us the power and ability to change everything about who we were and what we’ve done, to be who we are meant to be and do what we were meant to do: Be life and live life.

So, there really is no one point to life other than to enjoy the ride!
Live in the moment much like children and animals do. A kid at a playground never asks, “What’s the point of being here? Why am I here? What’s my purpose at this playground? Why is this playground so evil, mean, dirty, ugly, whatever?” Children are too busy PLAYING (and they never want to leave)! Mom and dad will help them work out the problems that arise, if and when they do. Mom and dad decide when they come and when they leave. Mom and dad take care of all there is to take care of… bullies, sharing, etc. Children just play! Some kids like the playground to wander around and look at bugs. Others like to jump on everything including the benches, create their own games and run around. While many like to use the equipment for what it was designed. There is no one right way to play. However, there are definitely wrong ways, and so mom and dad creates rules for us to make sure we play nicely. But other than that, all else goes. And so, God has given us the most amazing gift we could possibly receive… LIFE! This world is OUR playground and we’ve forgotten how to play.

Having a toddler has truly reminded me of what amazing things exist on this planet! Everything is new for him and so we make discoveries together. One of the most important things we can do to help keep life in perspective and save us from taking it for granted is to realize that we are not guaranteed one second here. I could die of an aneurism (?) right now, and then there are no more second chances. I don’t get anymore bed times with my son. I don’t get the chance to hold my husband’s hand. I don’t get to hear the geese fly over at dusk anymore, or watch the snow fall from the tree branches when a gust of wind blows by. I don’t get these precious experiences ever again! It is completely over. I don’t get the time back with my family. Time is like a bank account that will eventually run out. We just don’t know when. Every second we spend on worrying or stressing or fighting is another second we cannot earn back that we could have spent on praying, seeking peace, restoration in friendships or relationships, talking to a loved one, kissing a boo boo.  In this country we are blessed and cursed with a relatively easy and comfortable living. We have social safety nets like government assistance so many of our poor never know what hunger even sounds like. We have insurance for everything, so when we lose posessions we can most likely get them back. Compared to the rest of the world, we have everything… but healthy relationships. We are struggling. And I truly believe it is because you and I have taken life for granted. Our lives are not in danger. Our children are safe. Our freedoms are (relatively) safe. We don’t fear much, not even God. God has the power to take your breath away this instant. But he doesn’t. Because he has given you this gift called now. Enjoy it. Don’t waste it on fruitless endeavors. If life sucks right now, invest your time into making it better for the future… school, self-help books, research, whatever… just learn, learn, learn! The internet is the most amazing tool, use it! Invest in yourself, the people around you and most importantly, your relationship with God. We only have so much time until we no longer have these chances again. Experience playing again… like Jesus says, we must have a child-like faith. In God, life, ourselves. You can and will make today the best day of your life. You don’t even need to leave your home. Just focus of the little things your were too busy to enjoy before like the feel of water running over your skin or the smell of oranges. Find opportunities every moment to enjoy everything and keep in mind who gave it to you. Daddy… Abba… Father… God.

*God’s “Playground” Rules

1. Don’t lose sight of who gave you this place; please save a space in your heart for me.
2. You are all fragile; don’t do the things to people that you know would break or hurt them.
3. When in doubt, talk to ME. I will not only listen but will comfort, guide and protect you. You belong to ME and I will handle the bullies.
4. Enjoy everything that is yours, but do not take from others what I did not give to you.
5. Discover anything and everything you can and have fun!
6. You are so loved and cherished. Don’t EVER forget that.


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