The Cure for Pain

Everyone in this world experiences pain. Whether in our mind, heart or spirit, it is an evident truth since the beginning of time for a human to experience the hellish torment of losing a loved one, not getting what we want, or even the physiological pain of fear. Pain is a part of life. And even though it has it’s purpose for identifying wounds, both physical and emotional, we don’t have to live in it.

So what is this cure for the pain we endure? Religion finds hope in God and scriptures. Generally, the consensus is that the wisdom and healing words of scripture will cure all pain. So, they tend to take an “outside-in” approach, meaning that I will be healed on the inside by outside means. If I allow the words to penetrate my mind through the senses, I will find healing. This is partially true. I agree wholeheartedly in the power of words to transform our thinking, our understanding and even our actions. But there is something essentially different about having a relationship with Jesus. As much as the bible is my go to book for help, guidance, wisdom, understanding, and truth… It doesn’t know me. Hell, I don’t even truly know ME. There’s always a hidden motivation or desire lurking within the darkest spaces of my heart. But Jesus can see those dark spaces, he shines light on them. He walks around our spiritual body with a flashlight, shining light on different aspects of our character that we never knew existed. He allows situations to bring pain to the surface for careful examination. You see, emotional pain signals that something is wrong inside. Citically analyzing those situations help us identify the defects within us that are causing the pain. And Jesus alone walks with us, inside us, to guide us to the exact understanding that we need in order to find complete healing.

We lack the perspective to see the depths of our souls. We have no idea, most times, what exactly is broken within us. And it’s when we have this deep, loving relationship with Him, that He can begin to speak to us in the simplicity of an intuition or a revelation. He knows what we need and how we need it. ONLY He does. We can try to heal ourselves by reading every self-help book on the shelf, every religious scripture, by reciting every mantra or affirmation. We can pray to an unreachable, unknowable, unrelatable God, but we will never find complete healing and restoration. It’s not until God is living inside us that we can ever truly know ourselves. It’s an “inside-out” approach that Jesus living inside us takes the brokenness out of us. That is when true enlightenment is delivered to our minds. That is when connection to our source is felt even in the busiest moments. That is when peace keeps us still, even when the world writhes in torment. Anyone who truly knows Jesus has a story of redemption. And He is the ONLY one who can offer us such a gift. Not the holy prophets, not Buddha, nor any saint in history. Not the Pagan gods, Hindu gods, Greek or Roman gods. Only the God of Abraham. He offers us His son to live inside our hearts, to be transformed and bring transformation to a broken and dying world.


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