I don’t need God… until I do. 

​The bible was written by the average men of their day for the average person to read and understand. It was written by and for grieving hearts,  suffering from real life atrocities.  Rulers who tortured entire cities,  starving people who were left to eat their dying children, genocide,  slavery,  crucifixion, imprisonment,  adultery, conspiracy, murder, bigotry, … More I don’t need God… until I do. 

Great Expectations… Why Can’t Anything Go My Way?

We all have expectations and when those expectations don’t go the way we plan, we become discouraged, angry, hopeless and disheartened. We feel like we’ve lost all control. We act out by yelling, sometimes name calling. Or we withdraw, becoming depressed and anxious. There lies the foundation of insecurity. Insecurity is the most unstable place … More Great Expectations… Why Can’t Anything Go My Way?

Blind Spots

When we drive in a car, there’s always a blind spot that hinders us from seeing potential dangers. We may have all the right equipment, working mirrors, blinkers… but the moment we attempt to make a move, and we fail to see something crucial, potentially life threatening within our blind spot, chaos can quickly take … More Blind Spots

The Cure for Pain

Everyone in this world experiences pain. Whether in our mind, heart or spirit, it is an evident truth since the beginning of time for a human to experience the hellish torment of losing a loved one, not getting what we want, or even the physiological pain of fear. Pain is a part of life. And … More The Cure for Pain