We all have a deep longing to know who we are and what we’re doing here. Scientists, philosophers, people of faith, psychologists, anyone with a curious spirit… we are all looking for answers and seeking truth.

When we break down ideas, concepts, ourselves, including our own egos, to the most fundamental elements, truth becomes emergent amidst the rubble. We must strip naked. Down to the soul. We must be in a place of utmost humility in order to see what cannot be seen with the eyes alone. Only then can we obtain insight. Truth. Perspective. Only then can our worldview become a cohesive, unbreakable lense through which we look at the world. There is interconnectedness everywhere. The fun part is discovering how all the pieces fit together into a synergistic whole.

Insightfully Naked is an artistic expression of these fundamental truths as experienced through my own perspective. I believe that what I’ve learned is extremely useful for anyone with an honest heart in search for what is real and true. There is nothing more profound than pain becoming transformed into beauty.

Please feel free to leave feedback, comments, or your own perspectives and hopefully we can open up the dialogue to freely exchange ideas through civil discourse. Life is as dynamic as our thoughts. Let’s sharpen each other’s minds, hearts, and souls.

May the day meet you with inspiration and joy.  God Bless!

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